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Medication Assisted Treatment

At Gulf Coast Recovery Clinic, we focus on one thing: Recovery. Our compassionate recovery team and clinicians are dedicated to providing custom, patient oriented treatment. We’re ready to help you or a loved one overcome opioid, heroin, or pain medication dependence. Great news! We now accept most insurance plans.

Independent Medical Clinic

Medication-assisted Outpatient Treatment

Individual Approach

Our modalities are individually tailored to fit the history, physical need, and personal experience of each patient.

There is a Brighter Future Ahead

Patient Oriented Care. Affordable, Personalized Treatments.

Gulf Coast Recovery offers an effective treatment modality in a private, compassionate, professional setting. Many don’t understand that opioid or pain medication addiction is a chronic disease and not a lack of willpower, a moral failure, or the result of bad choices.

We understand the science and psychology of this disease and offer our patients the most effective treatment available. Like other chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, Opioid Use Disorder can be treated. We offer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), which combines counseling and other behavioral therapies with FDA approved medications. We provide evidence-based treatments for opioid dependence, and we use Buprenorphine (i.e. Suboxone, Subutex) in addition to other non-opioid medications. We have an on-site counselor to provide assessments and recommendation for treatment options.

Our primary treatment for opioid dependence is with buprenorphine-based medications. We also offer non-opioid treatments for chronic pain disorder. These medications relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal while behavioral therapies help patients improve their coping skills and reduce the risk of relapse.

The fact that we are an independent, out-patient treatment facility allows our patients to treat their disease while still going about their everyday life. It also allows for the examination of daily routines in the patient’s real life situation, so we can help facilitate changes in their daily habits to prevent a relapse. We can then guide them into a new lifestyle that will encourage better health, happiness, and long term recovery.

Our Care Team

Avery Jackson

Avery Jackson

Nurse Practitioner

Avery was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He obtained his nursing degree from MGCCC, and his Bachelor’s in psychology and Master of Science in Nursing degrees from the University of South Alabama. He is a Board-Certified Family and Acute Care nurse practitioner. He has been treating patients for opioid dependence since 2017.

Vanessa Hope Warren

Vanessa ‘Hope’ Warren

Substance Abuse Counselor

Vanessa ‘Hope’ Warren was born and raised in South Mississippi. Hope has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from William Carey University and a Master’s of Science in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Hope has been working as a counselor for over 14 years and as a substance abuse counselor for over 6 years.


Our methods involve medication, counseling, and education.

Medications Available

Our clinic will work with each patient to develop a treatment plan based on the patient’s specific needs. There are several medication options available to treat opioid dependence.

  • Buprenorphine

  • Suboxone

  • Buprenorphine-Naloxone 

  • Bunavail

  • Subutex

  • Zubsolv

Education and Counseling

While we begin to heal the damage done to your mind and body from the damaging effects of prolonged opioid, heroin or pain medication use, you can learn exactly how the addiction changes the way you think and behave, and how it affects your decision-making. This way, you can begin to correct the repetitive cycle of suffering and self defeat. Our patients regularly meet with our addiction counselor as part of our treatment

The First Steps

Please review and complete the new patient form, and return the completed form to our clinic so that we can schedule your appointment. You can also email or fax us your completed form using our email or fax number below.

We ask that you complete the Authorization for Release of Information form and bring it to your previous/current health care provider. This will allow your health care provider to release your medical record, labs, x-rays and any other pertinent information to us, for review prior to your visit.

Gulf Coast Recovery Clinic
14231 Seaway Road Suite 2003, Gulfport MS 39503
Phone: (228) 594-3377 Fax: (228) 594-6688

If you need to cancel or reschedule this appointment please call 228-594-3377, or if after hours please leave a message or send an email to Please note you will be given a physical examination therefore, should you need to bring minor children with you, we ask that someone accompany you to assist with them. Please call our office if you have any questions. The fees associated with seeing the provider are for the associated cost to review the patient's records and complete a thorough history and physical examination. The provider reserves the right to prescribe appropriate medication/s, and the patient will NOT be able to get a return of associated fees after seeing the provider. The associated fees are for the provider’s evaluation and there is no guarantee that medication will be prescribed.

Breaking The Chains Of Dependence, One Patient At A Time

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